Gi.Tessil has by now welcomed the third generation; it began in the 1950s when Silvio Giamberini, together with his sons, constructed a factory building to initiate the production of lining fabrics.


In the 70s, with the arrival of the second generation, the purchase of more modern machines, the jacquard looms, allowed the production of personalized linings. The market began to expand, even abroad, which gave start to the creation of a sales network.
With the arrival of the new millenium, Gi.Tessil underwent a substantial transformation. The third generation signaled the birth of a new commercial role with the implementation of a careful selection of suppliers and research for a higher flexibility in the structure of the product. In line with the demands of the market, a strategy heavily oriented to satisfy the needs of the client, was developed.
Among the strong points was the aim to achieve higher quality, which in turn led to the development of many products from basic materials to those more intricate, such as stretch, prints, jacquard up to four colors, many available in stock in numerous colors, in order to be able to offer the client the best possible service. With the arrival of these new resources it was possible to plan the participation at trade fairs nationally (e.g. Milano Unica) and internationally (Premiere Vision), as an incentive to offer new collections, also thanks to the utilization of the textile CAD.
Gi.Tessil has been growing constantly, be it from the product point of view as substantiated by the acquisition of looms for jacquard, (smooth and stretch), be it from the point of view of the market, since Gi.Tessil is increasingly searching to expand globally.