Gi.Tessil follows the recipe for highest quality by utilizing first-class certified quality yarns. Our products are manufactured with yarns from acetyl cellulose and cotton pulp. Acetyl cellulose is obtained from a process of acetylization of wood pulp (cellulose), a natural polymer.
Acetyl cellulose is a typical compound of high molecular weight with linear chain molecules. It belongs to the class of esters and refers to cellulose and acetic esters. The chemical formula
(C10,8H14,8O7,4)n, where n is the degree of polymerization, CAS no.9004-35-7, EINECs no is not applicable to polymers.
During the spinning process of the acetate with dry finishing there is no chemical change. For products dyed during the spinning process, the dye is mixed in the paste beforehand.
Our products are exempt from registering with R.E.A.C.H for the following reasons:

  • they are obtained from polymer (natural polymer acetyl cellulose)
  • they do not contain monomers
  • during the normal production process, there are no atmospheric emissions of dye for
    yarns dyed in the paste.

This attests to the full compliance with the R.E.A.C.H. regulations. Gi.Tessil therefore is operating within the environmental requirements.
Within the company, the personnel is required to continuously carry out quality control of the dedicated machine, to do sample tests for stability, and ensure that dyes utilized for colors are Okotex certified.